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Payment methods

There are several ways of paying for your orders on the Z&MA site: 

-  By credit card in euros (Carte Bleue, Visa, Visa Electron, Master Card) via the CIC secure payment system. 

-  By PayPal in euros, pounds sterling or US dollars.

-  With a Z&MA credit note.

Payments are made using the 3D secure anti-fraud security protocol. The 3D secure system enables the authentication of cardholders during Internet payments, using a secure password agreed between the banking establishment and the customer.

The Z&MA site guarantees secure payment at all stages. When making a payment, you are automatically connected to the CIC secure server where you enter your card’s number, expiry date and visual cryptogram. This data is then encrypted between the customer’s computer and CIC’s server, it does not circulate on the Web and cannot be changed.