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We believe consumers should not have to choose between pleasure and efficiency. That’s why we propose organic, healthy and sensorial skincare and makeup routines. 

We believe consumers should not have to choose between pleasure and efficiency. That’s why we propose organic, healthy and sensorial skincare and makeup routines. 

Our promises

  • More organic, less blabla


    At Z&MA, we have chosen french Cosmébio and European Cosmos Organic approvals for the certification of all our products. This is one of the most demanding certifications, and requires that products contain at least:
    • 95% natural ingredients or ingredients of natural origin.
    • 95% of the plant-based ingredients are sourced from organic agriculture.
    • 10% of all the ingredients are sourced from organic agriculture. 
    Please note: Cosmetic products often contain 50 to 80% water that by definition is not certifiable. Working on a daily basis on the development of clean new products makes us aware that there is still a great deal of misinformation in the organic sector. To help you avoid some common misconceptions and identify genuine organic products, we recommend reading our article here (...)
  • Expert laboratory


    We take beauty very seriously: not only do we apply stringent standards to the quality of the natural ingredients that make up our formulas and to our manufacturers’ production methods, we also work with a pool of approved producers who are all environmental pioneers and most of whom are based in France. Having completed comprehensive training in natural skincare products, we travelled France in search of the best laboratory to fulfil our requirements. And where should we find our Holy Grail but in a beautiful natural setting in a vineyard in South-West France! 



    Rigorous formulation 

    Highly specialized, equipped with cutting-edge facilities, and benefiting from more than 45 years’ experience in organic formulation, the lab’s expert teams had no problem satisfying our requirements which were stringent, from day one. Today, all the products that we market have obtained Cosmébio and Cosmos Organic approvals, strict European certifications.



    More than beautiful …

    Our lab, which has its own screen-printing unit and packaging units, adopts a clean approach at every stage of the production chain: cleaning of tanks without the use of chlorine, screen printing without solvents, recyclable or biodegradable packaging, treatment of wastewater, etc. At Z&MA, we are committed to a respect for nature in the broadest sense.



    Your daily dose of clean beauty

    Working in close collaboration with our lab’s research & development team, our goal is to create new cosmetic products and treatments that will improve your life on a daily basis! This means that each new launch takes weeks or even months of work in order to meet our requirements in terms of effectiveness and ethical rigour.
  • Z&MA, marque de cosmétiques naturels et bio - essentiels beauté

    Our beauty commitment


    Eco-friendly packaging

    • For environmental reasons, we have chosen not to have secondary packaging.
    • The ink used for the packaging does not contain solvents.
    • The packaging are recyclable or biodegradable.



    Cruelty free, Vegan products

    • Our ethical code and the organic cosmetic certification of all our products prohibits animal testing of raw materials or finished products in the Z&MA range.
    • All our products are vegan-friendly with the exception of our BB cream and our lipstick which contain organic beeswax.



    Traceability of all ingredients

    • Our lab carefully selects trusted suppliers that are able to offer natural, fair and mostly organic raw materials. It also favours suppliers belonging to movements that contribute to the sustainable management of natural resources and local biodiversity.