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Our Story

Meet Virginie and Delphine, the founders of Z&MA, long-time friends and organic-beautystas in the soul.


 — Who are you?

Virginie – we are two friends and two moms, with a total of six children, we are supporters of a green way of life and organic beauty products. We met at school in Avignon. After high school, we found ourselves again in Paris when finishing graduate school.

Delphine – Friends first and now business partners, it is a pleasure to see each other every day. Getting along and our complicity are our strengths!

— What is written on your LinkedIn profile?

Virginie – MA Degree in Economic Management, MA (level 5) in Finance at Dauphine University, a valuable experience in an investment bank in London and many years in recruitment!

Delphine – I am a Business School graduate. I then worked for 13 years in Marketing for a prestigious fine jewelry company in Paris and Dubai. In fact, that is where I had my first entrepreneurial experience – a baby-clothing brand that I created with a friend. I went through a serious health issue; of course it was an ordeal, though the opportunity of realizing that we need to take good care of ourselves and of the people we love.

— How was Z&MA created?

Virginie – It has been many years since we wanted to work together but the long distance was separating us. With Delphine coming back, our project could come to light.

When Delphine got sick we put a lot into perspective in our lives. This ordeal did bring us closer and when she came back from Dubai, we simply felt it was the right time to start something together.

Delphine – When our eldest ones, Marceau & Apolline, started to face their first skin problems, we asked ourselves about the best already existing skincare products that could help them go through this well-known difficult time. We immediately thought of organic products and we couldn’t find any brand that could both please them and level with our “moms” demanding expectations. The idea of creating a fine range of products that we will be happy to display in their bathroom, that has a positive approach, is efficient and of course organic, was born. 

— Why did you call the brand Z&MA?

Virginie – It is a glimpse to the Z generation, that same generation that our products are for. A punchy generation. Very positive.

Delphine – ... also, the initials are those of our kids! 

— How do you define well-being and beauty?

Virginie – Well-being is about being well in one’s head and body, being surrounded by the people we love. Well-being is close to a moment in your daily life, a moment of pure bliss that can come in different shapes, but that is generally the reflection of inner harmony.

Delphine – Above all, beauty lies in charm and a pretty smile. I like Natural Beauty when it’s compatible to using cosmetic products (with no excess and organic). Feeling beautiful is essential to your balance. It is important to feel good in your head in order to enjoy the bits of daily bliss.

— Your motto?

Virginie – Do your best and do not forget to be happy.

Delphine – As for me, it’s quite epicurean. Seize the day and fully enjoy the present moment.